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♢ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ♢

Hello! I'm lumi, short for lumiere-I'm a digital art hobbyist, and if you're interested in my art please check out my listed art socials-When it comes to interests: i've fallen head first into the danmei xianxia fandom! feel free to reach out to me via any of my social links- (i'm especially active on discord)some fandoms that i'm in are drv3, mxtx (tgcf, mdzs, svsss), tog, 我家大师兄脑子有坑, and ongoing.

♢ commissions ♢

status: closed

once you make an order, you are complying to my
do's and don'ts & terms of service
paypal + zelle accepted!style names refer to the complexity of the piececlick the ✔ to order

chalk brush
Type Sketch+ Flats & Shading
Chibi$6 USD+ $2 USD
Bust$7.5 USD+ $3 USD
Halfbody$10 USD+ $4 USD
Fullbody$14 USD+ $5 USD

Brush Types : Chalk | Sketch | Watercolor

Bust$25 USD
Halfbody$35 USD
Fullbody$55 USD
Bust$35 USD
Halfbody$45 USD
Fullbody$65 USD

♢ customs ♢

status : closed

before contacting me please refer to
do's and don'ts & terms of service

At this current moment and for the predictable future, my customs will not actively open. please contact me through discord if you would like to be notified of avaliablity.All customs come with a color pallete + a flatcolor editionA detail / complexity fee will range from 5% - 25% add on

TypeBase Price+ Cheeb+ Bust
Lined + Shaded$n/a USD+ $n/a USD+ $n/a USD

click image for more examples

A simple background is free - while complex backgrounds, like those above range around (5%-25% of the piece) when added onComplex characters (those with a great amount of details in their design) have an additional complexity fee (max $5)

please contact me with your commission form:. username:
:. type:
:. character name + ref:
:. character personality:
:. backgrounds:
:. extra notes:
:. payment method: (include email if paypal)